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Orchid Edge Control

Orchid Edge Control

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This beautifully natural smelling Orchid Edge Control will have your edges laid for a whole 48 hours. Matched with our Laid Edge Band, you'll never use another edge control again.


Apply a small amount of your luxury edge control with your fingertips on the desired area. Comb in with a small control comb and brush smoothly using a double-sided control brush. 48-hour hold.

Isopropyl Alcohol | Paraffinum Liquidum | Propylene Glycol Purified Water (Aqua) | Wheat Protein | Caster Oil | Glyceryl Cocoate | CP2 Preservative
| Caster Oil | Cromollient SCE | Jojoba Oil & Fragrance Organic | Cruelty Free | Vegan

JAR SIZE: 3.5oz

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